Researcher Coaching 

Specialist professional development and coaching for researchers and academics. 

Our programmes leave you feeling more positive about the direction of your work and more confident that you can achieve success.

The researchers we work with have integrity, a desire to make a change and a drive to achieve. 


We offer bespoke face to face and online group training workshops for PhD students,  early career researchers and professional academics throughout the UK and the EU.


We coach researchers and professional academics using the online platform Zoom. Our online coaching is CPD Standards Office accredited and can be fitted around busy schdules for maximum impact.


Our Productivity and Focus programme is a full day group coaching session with online follow-up CPD Standards Office accredited coaching. This programme can be run as a fully online and remote access session,  as a live session with optional remote access and as a full face to face session. 


“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton. 

We like to work with the best from inside and outside of our industry. Collaboration is the key to success. 

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A few things we’re great at

We pride ourselves in ensuring our participants get the most from our training and coaching. Here are just a few of the services we can provide.

CPD Standards Office Accredited Coaching

We know what it is like to be a researcher. That’s why we provide specialist coaching to researchers. We recognise that for you success might mean managing people, budgets, experiments, teaching loads, students, even your boss. If you need to submit a grant application, wrap up an international collaborative project or just want to get time to write that journal article Researcher Coaching is for you.


We are MBTI, Belbin and DISC accredited practitioners. If you would like to understand more about what makes you tick and how you can work more effectively with others we can support you. We have run our ‘Different not Wrong’ workshops since 2008 and in 2017 added DISC coaching to our portfolio of instruments to support better understanding in the workplace and in life more generally. 

Katia’s success

I believe coaching was one of the best things I have done to take care of myself.

When I started my coaching program, I wanted to work towards my transfer viva and prepare two draft chapters. I felt that was impossible; teaching/marking load, PhD and parenting. With Katy’s help, I managed to complete all my written work before my deadline. I worked so productively and quickly my supervisory team couldn’t keep up with me and I had to wait for them to read my drafts and organise my transfer! What an achievement and relief!


Coaching is amazing! It was what needed. I loved the speed of thought Katy has and the to-the-point questions she asked. 


The combination of Katy’s style and my readiness worked together for a powerful and productive first experience. 


I have learned that when I plan properly I am quite productive. I have learned how to coach myself, and find motivation tricks. 


My confidence increased which has affected various aspects of my life; I had not expected this experience to be so powerful! 


Supporting institutions towards Athena Swan Excellence

Our Ignite programme enables women to identify their individual empowerment drivers, recognise their personal influence and embrace their journey towards professional progression. In addition our programme supports organisations to demonstrate commitment to equality and empowerment of women.


Ignite starts with a bespoke retreat for women facing a professional progression milestone. 


Individual follow-up personal coaching with a Chartered Psychologist or CPD Standards Office Performance Coach.


Professional strengths audit, resources for progression, values  in a professional environment, support to overcome challenges and resource limitations


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Coaching testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our coachees say:

 I felt that we achieved a great deal in each session because Katy structured them effectively (and flexed when needed). Katy was able to identify the key points and communicate them in a way I could easily understand but also gave me plenty of opportunities to agree or challenge these so we achieved my Holy Grail of clarity. 

Dr Lindsay Davis

Confetti, Nottingham 

By the end of my programme of coaching I now  know how to organise myself and my research. I know my weaknesses so can avoid/deal with them. I know this is a long journey and even if I have a bad week/month with regards to research it doesn’t matter and I am achieving a lot. 

Sarah Clinkard

Programme Leader Sport Development and Physical Education

The University of Northampton

As a result of  this coaching
I have negociated a 3 month paid sabbatical enabling completion (in first draft) of my thesis.  I have recognised my own personal resilience and that I am ready to move on with next stage of my career. 

Jacquie Ridge

Senior Lecturer / Part-time PhD Student
Adult Nursing
The University of Northampton

Training testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our participants say:

“I would recommend the Researcher Coaching Retreat as it’s an excellent way of tackling a difficult task with support in a lovely atmosphere. It was lovely to be amoung a diverse range of people all  of whom were very friendly and focused.”

Wendy Eades

PhD Researcher
University of Warwick

Feedback from
Finding Space to Write 
“Well delivered and engaging”
“I found the workshop really well-structured and full of great advice and hints”
“I think the workshop was excellent and I really enjoyed it”

PhD Researchers

Keele University

“Your workshops are the best I have attended and that the uni has organised. I like that you keep coming back to what has been said in the previous workshops so that there is a sense of continuity. Also, it emphasises that all the aspects are part of communication and should be seen as a whole and not separate.” 

Katerina Frankova

 Global Leaders Programme, Coventry University

Our team

Researcher Coaching is the professional development programme run by Rodetal Ltd. Our team is led by Dr Katy R Mahoney. She is dedicated to ensuring researchers and academics she serves reach their full potential. Some of the programmes we offer require more than one coach or trainer. When this happens we work with associates at Communication and Me, a group of like minded trainers. 

Dr Katy R Mahoney

Rodetal Ltd Director
Researcher Coaching Programme
Professional Development Lead

Communication and Me
Associate Team

Dr Katy R Mahoney 
Ben Walshe 
Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden
Dr Nathalie Dalton-King 
Bev Veasy-Walshe