Our training

Specialist Coaching for Researchers

Researcher Coaching specialises in providing specialist and bespoke development opportunities for researchers of all levels world-wide. Below is just a selection of the training we offer.

For postgraduate researchers

  • Finding space to write: The art of time creation.
  • Productivity retreats.
  • Viva training.
  • Introduction to public Engagement.
  • Poster design and creation.
  • Perfect presentations (incl. 3MT).
  • All Vitae courses.
  • GRADschools (Tutor and Director).

For early career researchers and academics

  • Awayday facilitation.
  • Thinking strategically in your career.
  • Leading from the middle.
  • Productivity retreats
  • Presentation training for the nervous.
  • Career Horizons.
  • Leading by accident.
  • All Vitae courses.

For researcher developers

  • Train the trainer.
  • Implementation and change coaching.
  • Dealing with uncertainty. 
  • Maximising the impact the RDF.
  • Professional Development Coaching for Researcher Developers.