Our training

Specialist Training & Coaching for Researchers

Researcher Coaching specialises in providing specialist and bespoke development opportunities for researchers of all levels world-wide. Below is just a selection of the training we offer.

Productivity and Motivation

  • Productivity in Focus.
  • High Intensity Productivity.
  • Get It Done. PhD Completion Bootcamp.
  • Impostor Syndrome Busters.
  • 7 Habits Resilient Researchers.
  • Coach Yourself Through Procrastination.
  • Motivation and Momentum Building.

Research Specific Training

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Intellectual Property for Researchers.
  • Research Project Management and Organisation.
  • Careers in Leadership.
  • Research Impact.
  • Responsible Research (Ethics and Integrity).
  • Leadership in Action (Vitae Course).

Career Development and Progression

  • What Next? Your Career Next Steps.
  • Thinking Strategically in Your Career.
  • Career Horizons.
  • Careers Outside of Academia.
  • Individual Career Development Coaching for Academics.
  • Vitae Researcher Futures 1-4

Specialist Support for Researcher Developers

  • Implementation and Change Coaching.
  • Maximising the Impact the RDF.
  • Evaluating your Researcher Development Programmes.
  • Professional Development Coaching for Researcher Developers.
  • Awayday Facilitation.

Specialist Support for Supervisors

  • 7 Habits to Support Resilient PhD Students for Supervisors
  • Supervising Part-time, Distance and Remote Students
  • Supervisor Skills Training
    • Programme One: First time supervisor skills
    • Programme Two: Next level supervisor skills