Productivity in Focus

Specialist Training & Coaching for Researchers

Productivity in Focus is a complete immersive learning and development experience. You will be encouraged to step away from your role and intentionally refocus on a task, job, or project you have put off or can never find the time to focus on. You will share your productivity challenge with your peers and be supported to get results. In short by the end of this course you will have got stuff done and ticked things off of your to-do list that have been on there for far too long.

Productivity in Focus includes the opportunity to:

  • Learn ‘staying focused’ techniques including goal setting, performance and motivational drivers
  • Identify performance gremlins and how to harness their power to propel productivity forward
  • Learn how to identify powerful thought patterns that will help you overcome procrastination
  • Spend a full day dedicated to being productive
  • Produce tangible research outputs

Productivity in Focus gives you protected productivity time. Time for study, time for reflection, time to focus, time away from the demands of being a trainee or member of academic staff and time focus on your priorities. This isn’t a lecture – this is the opportunity to be coached live to get stuff done. Take a look at what others have achieved as a result of attending Productivity in Focus.

  • A plan and structure outline for a project, including identifying relevant approaches for each stage
  • An initial draft of a paper
  • A project proposal
  • All corrections to project document
  • Completed a systematic review
  • A funded residency application
  • A 2nd draft REF output
  • The right mindset for research; a paper and presentation started successfully
  • A conference presentation framework with images and draft text
  • Grant application finalised
  • Fellowship application mapped to criteria 
  • Proof-read an CPD assignment, made adjustments to content and structure, organised references and updated my CPD portfolio!
  • Exam paper coursework

What you need to bring to Productivity in Focus

  • Laptop (and charging cable)
  • Headphones
  • Passwords and login details for any online portals you will be using
  • Files and folders of work you are focusing on
  • Pen and paper
  • Layers (We can never get the temperature right for everyone in the room so please come in layers to add or remove as needed!)
  • Water bottle and a little treat to reward progress.

What your colleagues are saying about Productivity in Focus

“I have completed my literature review searches and formed an outline for my project. This course has proved that I can manage my workload with the right approach by focusing on achievable, realistic smaller goals rather than vague ones. I would recommend it to my colleagues.”

“This course made me set aside the time to focus on a specific goal when returning to training. It was helpful to find strategies that work for me to increase productivity. As a result I have completed my revision of specific emergency guidelines and started to build a plan for ongoing revision regarding return to work. It feels useful to have made the first step in making a plan for returning to clinical practice. The course builds confidence to set tasks that are not too overwhelming.”

“This course allows us to actually do some work and I’m keen to attend another! I have started a research paper redraft and learnt a huge amount about myself and how I work that I will take forward into my working life. All doctors should attend this session and it would be great for medical students too. This course is the key to unlocking all the time you have been wasting!”
“Today was non-judgemental, focused, goal driven and helped me in all different kinds of work (not just research). I ironed out a technical blip I’d been putting off potentially as a method of procrastination. Nearly finished a section I’d been putting off for a month. Knocked over a big obstacle and showed me how nice it is just to get on with it. I would definitely recommend this to others, I was more effective in less time, everyone would benefit from this.”

“As a result of attending this course I aim to set more realistic goals for work-based sessions and use chunks of time as targets for achievements, separated by breaks. If I had to describe this it course it would be ‘a workshop where you decide on a work-based goal you wish to achieve, and are provided with structured time slots and useful target-setting guidance in order to help you achieve this goal.’”