Productivity and writing retreats

Specialist Coaching for Researchers

A full day of protected productivity designed especially for researchers and academics who need to complete research, projects or a qualification as part of their role but find that life or work gets in the way of progress, with a follow-up CDP Standards Office accredited coaching appointment with Dr Katy R Mahoney by video conference. 

Retreat includes the opportunity to:

  • Learn ‘staying focused’ techniques including research/writing goal setting, performance and motivational drivers
  • Identify performance gremlins and how to harness their power to propel productivity forward
  • Learn how to identify powerful thought patterns that will help you overcome procrastination
  • Spend a full day dedicated to research productivity
  • Produce tangible research outputs

The retreat is a great opportunity to work on your research and get the job done in a quiet and productivity-focused space. It’s strength was articulating everyone’s goals for the session, setting an amount of time to finish and completing the tasks. It also offers the chance to think and improve your way of working and doing things.

Researcher attending December 2018 productivity retreat 

I got a phenomenal amount of work done, it was great!

I was super productive, I’ve not attended anything similar – I would recommend to a friend

I learnt how to focus to get things done and identified strategies to improve productivity

Very helpful, a structured approach with time to work on individual projects
Good balance between learning and getting stuff done
Advice that made an immediate difference

A very helpful workshop with tips that can make a real difference to productivity

Researchers attending Health Education England (East Midlands) Retreat, 2018